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Ruby Red

July is the month to celebrate the beautiful red gem, Ruby.  Interestingly the purest form of the mineral corundum, or Ruby is visually colorless, and it is the trace elements present in the material that give Ruby the characteristic rich intense…

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Pearl, Mother Natures’s Gift

The month of June celebrates the timeless wardrobe staple, Pearl.  Adorned by wearers of all ages, Pearl has been historically treasured across continents and cultures.  Pearl is unique relative to many precious gemstones which are minerals and inorganic.  Pearls are gems that are…

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Phenomenal Alexandrite

The month of June is a great time to celebrate Alexandrite, a rare type of the chrysoberyl mineral which can display different colors in different types of lighting.  Significant deposits of Alexandrite were discovered in the 1830’s in Russia and named…

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Enchanting Emerald

The month of May is a great time to celebrate Emeralds and this spectacular set of Columbian Emerald & Brilliant Diamond Estate Earrings present in a noteworthy fashion because of a special combination of factors. First, the rich green color…

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About Rolex Watches

Why are Rolex Watches so sought out, why are they so elusive, and why do preowned Rolex  Watches command the price they do? A statement from Rolex recently indicated that as fine watch manufacturer cannot keep up with the demand because…

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