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Pearl, Mother Natures’s Gift

The month of June celebrates the timeless wardrobe staple, Pearl.  Adorned by wearers of all ages, Pearl has been historically treasured across continents and cultures.  Pearl is unique relative to many precious gemstones which are minerals and inorganic.  Pearls are gems that are organic and can form naturally or through human intervention which are known as cultured Pearls. This enchanting gem comes from rivers, lakes, and oceans across the globe.  Pearls carry an association with symbolizing purity and humility and are revered as a special wedding gift, also having been thought to bestow prosperity and longevity of life.  Factors for shoppers and enthusiasts to consider are Luster, size, color, shape, how well- matched the Pearls, if being fashioned into earrings or a strand of Pearls as examples.  Admirers and connoisseurs aim for natural and cultured Pearls with high luster which contributes to Pearl’s unique beauty.  A Pearl’s high luster can present bright reflections which tend to complement wear with a diversity of colors, skin tones, and outfits.  The Pearl earrings we are proud to feature this month are two distinct Pearl Earring sets designed to be one-of-a-kind Pearl Earrings.  The first set of earrings are designed with 10.5-11.5mm Natural Black Tahitian South Sea Pearls accented with Brilliant Cut Diamonds and created in 18k White Gold.  The Pink Pearl Earring set feature 11-12mm Fresh Water Pink Pearls accented with Natural Pink Sapphires and created in 18k Rose Gold.  The design inspiration behind the concept was to basically create orbiting Pearls surrounded by gems in space, thus the intended open space of the Earrings noticeable from the side profile of the earrings to represent this cosmic connection.  

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Joseph De Bella

Santa Fe jewelry designer Joseph De Bella has traveled the world over. He has made countless journeys throughout Africa, Southeast Asia, India, and Pakistan, as well as Israel and Europe in search of the finest, most rare, and elusive gems available. His artistry in both contemporary and traditional jewelry designs has been established over more than thirty years.

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