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Ruby Red

July is the month to celebrate the beautiful red gem, Ruby.  Interestingly the purest form of the mineral corundum, or Ruby is visually colorless, and it is the trace elements present in the material that give Ruby the characteristic rich intense red color that has come to define the gem.  Ruby is one of the most expensive precious gemstones on a per carat basis making it one of the most important colored gemstones on the market and used for jewelry fabrication.  Ruby can represent passion and fury along with the emotion of love.  Early Sanskrit and Biblical mentions to Ruby reference a powerful belief with Ruby representing blood and the life force flowing through veins of the body.  Ruby can represent wealth, health and success in love, serving as an ideal romantic gift.  The special Ruby piece we are proud to celebrate this month is truly a one of a kind deBella work of wearable jewelry art.  Named, “Hot Kisses Forever”, this 2022 AGTA Spectrum Award-Winning Piece features a 2.46ct Natural No Heat Burma origin Ruby with GIA Lab Certification accented with matching 2.21ctw Radiant Diamond side stones.  “Hot Kisses Forever” is designed in Platinum and 18k Rose Gold with the concept inspired by the imagery of lips adorned with vibrant red lipstick.  Acclaimed designer Joseph DeBella came up with the design concept from viewing his wife, putting on bright red lipstick one evening in preparation to attend an event.  His idea was to create a piece that celebrated the spectacular Ruby as the focal point hiding little details that “one doesn’t see until they look at it” paired with the 2.46ct Ruby representing the alluring and sensual imagery of red lips in this special Ruby and Diamond Ring, “Hot Kisses Forever”  

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Joseph De Bella

Santa Fe jewelry designer Joseph De Bella has traveled the world over. He has made countless journeys throughout Africa, Southeast Asia, India, and Pakistan, as well as Israel and Europe in search of the finest, most rare, and elusive gems available. His artistry in both contemporary and traditional jewelry designs has been established over more than thirty years.

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