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Phenomenal Alexandrite

The month of June is a great time to celebrate Alexandrite, a rare type of the chrysoberyl mineral which can display different colors in different types of lighting.  Significant deposits of Alexandrite were discovered in the 1830’s in Russia and named after the future heir to the Russian throne.  Today, most Alexandrite comes from East Africa, Brazil, and Sri Lanka and due to scarcity of the material fine-quality Alexandrite is one of the more expensive gems in terms of colored gemstones, especially in larger sizes.  This specific Alexandrite ring also displays an optical effect known as a cat’s-eye, also known as chatoyancy making this Ring both a stunning and fascinating color-change cat’s-eye Alexandrite.  Further adding to the rarity and value is the size of the stone featured in the Ring with weight of 6.96 carts and accented with 2.75 carats of Diamonds and set in Platinum.  Along with this Alexandrite special piece, we at deBella also have other Alexandrite stones to offer our clients and are ready to be fashioned into a Custom and One of a Kind fine piece of wearable Jewelry Art.  

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Joseph De Bella

Santa Fe jewelry designer Joseph De Bella has traveled the world over. He has made countless journeys throughout Africa, Southeast Asia, India, and Pakistan, as well as Israel and Europe in search of the finest, most rare, and elusive gems available. His artistry in both contemporary and traditional jewelry designs has been established over more than thirty years.

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