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Enchanting Emerald

The month of May is a great time to celebrate Emeralds and this spectacular set of Columbian Emerald & Brilliant Diamond Estate Earrings present in a noteworthy fashion because of a special combination of factors. First, the rich green color of the Columbian Emeralds featured serve as excellent examples of the fine Emerald Green color that gem lovers and collectors find appealing.  Further making the set a special find, are the size of the Columbian Emeralds, each stone weighing approximately 3 carats with a total carat weight of approximately 6 carats.  The unique Columbian Emerald & Diamond Earrings are elevated with Brilliant-cut Diamond accent stones making the earring set both special and rare. The approximately 2 carats of Diamond Brilliance paired with the rich green color creates a complimentary, well-balanced, and stunning pairing.  The match set of oval-shaped Emeralds are Colombian origin and are extremely rare because of the combination of origin, high clarity, and the intensity of color.  These fine estate earrings come to deBella from successfully establishing the reputation that people trust us to both purchase and sell extremely rare and beautiful pieces for over 45 years.  It is crucial to understanding and knowing the value and rarity of gems and the availability of special pieces such as these Columbian Emerald and Diamond Earrings to be able to recognize Estate pieces that possess both rarity and value and may not be readily accessible to just any jewelry professional and clientele.  

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Joseph De Bella

Santa Fe jewelry designer Joseph De Bella has traveled the world over. He has made countless journeys throughout Africa, Southeast Asia, India, and Pakistan, as well as Israel and Europe in search of the finest, most rare, and elusive gems available. His artistry in both contemporary and traditional jewelry designs has been established over more than thirty years.

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