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Santa Fe-based Internationally Acclaimed Award-Winning jewelry designer and Graduate Gemologist Joseph DeBella has traveled the world over and lived in 55+ countries ethically and thoughtfully sourcing Diamonds and Fine Colored Gemstones. He has made countless journeys throughout Africa, Southeast Asia, India, Pakistan, Israel, and Europe in search of the finest, most rare, and elusive gems available.

His artistry in both contemporary and classic jewelry designs has been established over more than fifty years elevating jewelry into wearable Jewelry Art. Joseph has won international design awards spanning across four decades speaking to both his longevity and contemporary relevance.

A Selection of Fine Gems & Jewelry Art

Custom Jewelry Design

Creating Custom and One of a Kind jewelry starts with learning about the wearer and what they envision. Our goal is to take that idea, evolve the idea into a concept, and then finely design and craft a wearable piece of jewelry art. We aim to leave a lasting impression and enhanced jewelry buying experience through our collaborative design process and passionately love Fine & High Jewelry. Simply put, we strive to make jewelry special.

We look forward to playing a small role in your love story. Visit us in-person, online, and via email or connect with deBella Jewelry on social media channels to schedule a Custom Design consultation for your next Custom Piece! Cheers & Love Friends

We Love Fine Gems & Jewelry Arts

Ruby Red

July is the month to celebrate the beautiful red gem, Ruby.  Interestingly the purest form of the mineral corundum, or Ruby is visually colorless, and it is the trace elements present in the material that give Ruby the characteristic rich intense…

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Pearl, Mother Natures’s Gift

The month of June celebrates the timeless wardrobe staple, Pearl.  Adorned by wearers of all ages, Pearl has been historically treasured across continents and cultures.  Pearl is unique relative to many precious gemstones which are minerals and inorganic.  Pearls are gems that are…

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