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Rolex Submariner SS/18k Gold Slate Serti Diamond Sapphire Dial 16803

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    The very cool and rare Reference 16803 Rolex Submariner Slate Serti with Diamond and Sapphire Dial stainless steel and 18k Yellow Gold Two-Tone.  This was the first two-tone submariner reference model offered to bridge the gap between stainless steel submariners and all precious metal submariners models of the time.  The 16803 Serti strikes a unique balance between current-day accessibility and potential future collectibility.  The model was only produced for a small 5-6 year window before the 16613 reference was introduced and carried for almost two decades.  In terms of rarity and volume the 16803 is more rare and more affordable, making it the excellent choice of enthusiasts and connaisseurs.